Fashion, Architecture, Tastefully 2

[image via Wallpaper*]

This month’s photo-story in Wallpaper* Magazine, Death in Veneto, takes place in Carlo Scarpa’s Brion-Vega Family Cemetery. It’s another merging of fashion and architecture although in this case, either the fashion is distracting from the architecture or the architecture is distracting from the fashion. I’m not entirely sure which, but seeing how the Brion Cemetery is a faultless example of architecture at its very finest, maybe the photog got a little too ambitious with his selection of site. The accompanying online article gives a little background on the Italian Architect’s masterpiece. More moody photos after the jump.

[image via Wallpaper*]

[image via Wallpaper*]

&#183 Brion-Bega Cemetery, Carlo Scarpa [Wallpaper*]
&#183 Fashion, Architecture, Tastefully [Life Without Buildings]
&#183 Fashion, Architecture, Taste? [Life Without Buildings]

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I miss the days when reading *wallpaper was considered research for classes.

If only they had finishes products and sweets call numbers i might be able to justify reading it in public at my office. As such it is just idea fodder for my blog, and thus is only read in the privacy and secrecy of my home.

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