Links Without Buildings – 19 September

[David Adjaye’s “Sclera” Pavilion. Image via Flickr Usr 770]

  • Lebbeus Woods has compiled a list of words that “once had currency in architecture but have become, in effect, dead.” In completely unrelated news, I have a radical, new and completely original idea for experimental housing based on principles of critical progress. It’s genius, really. The wave of the future. You’ll see…

  • White House Redux: The Book. On September 23rd, the results will be announced for the competition that asked entrants to reimagine the White House as if it were designed today. On October 2nd, an accompanying book will be released that includes texts by Joseph Grima of Storefront For Art and Architecture and Geoff Manaugh of BLDGBLOG, as well as a history of the existing White House and 127 selected projects — including the
    four winning submissions. Preorder Now!

  • Invasive Spaces: A temporary public sculpture installation investigating abandoned buildings and invasive flora colonization. [sevensixfive]

  • The futuristic ruin of Philip Johnson’s 1964 New York State Pavilion might—might!—be restored, thereby ruining everything I like about it. [Curbed]

  • This Week at Curbed SF, we toured some of the hottest homes in San Francisco, looked at new renderings of a neighborhood library designed by Fougeron Architects, and got a first-hand report inside San Francisco’s new hipster dormitory. [Curbed SF]

  • An investigative look at the history of the Popemobile, a cross section of the Batcave, and a nomination of My Bloody Valentine for the Stirling Prize. Why aren’t more architects following the lead of Sam Jacob? [Strange Harvest]

  • An excellent review of the Venice Biennale with some great photos. [Archinect]

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