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Posting to LWB has been infrequent of late because I’ve been preparing for a trip to the News. Orleans, York, and Haven, to be precise. In a sublime mix of business and pleasure, I’ll be visiting New Orleans for the Prospect.1 Art Biennial, then it’s off to New York to catch up with some friends, see what’s new in The City, and tour the region’s fine selection of graduate schools. Posting will continue to be erratic for the next couple of weeks, but in the mean time I thought I’d share some of the excellent blogs I’ve been enjoying lately :

&#183 The busiest man in the urblogosphere, Brendan Crain, has relaunched Where as a collective blog with a cast of eleven international bloggers because as he says, “To live in a city in a globalizing world is, inevitably, to live in a globalizing city.” And be sure to stay tuned for more projects from Mr. Crain. [Where]

&#183 The City Desk, a blog that I have only recently discovered, has quickly become one of favorites. With a perfect mix of literature, reportage, and wit, The City Desk describes itself as “Fictional urbanism. Semi-regular items about a city.” What more do you need to know? [The City Desk]

&#183 InfraNet Lab — “InfraNet Lab is a research collective probing the spatial byproducts of contemporary resource logistics. The laboratory posits the argument that a body of unique built works continues to arise out of the complex negotiation of, and competition for, biotic and abiotic resources. Operating in a manner similar to infrastructures, these works have evolved to merge landscape, urbanism, and architecture into a sophisticated mutant assemblage of surfaces, containers, and conduits.” [InfraNet Lab]

&#183 Synecdoche, New York is opening around the country. Check out the Life Without Buildings interview with Charlie Kaufman and be sure to see the movie this week. [Life Without Buildings]

&#183 And of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Curbed, Curbed SF, and Curbed LA

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When in New Orleans, we invite you to stop in to visit us at BECA gallery – 527 St. Joseph Street, across the street from the Contemporary Arts Center.

Enjoy P.1!

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