Park Slope Light Space

During last week’s trip to New York, I came across the above image when Google mapping my temporary Brooklyn digs. Apparently, the convergence of light rain, Google’s cameras, and a stoplight, yield some sort of abstract light web — an urban intersection a la Olafur Eliasson or a tensile traffic structure wrought in light and mist. Perfect for biennale pavilions or boutique hotel lobbies, it’s surely only a matter of time until these are ready for mass commercial production. Another anomalous light space after the jump.

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interesting how the red and green shapes are similiar. might give some insight as to the cause of the anomoly… perhaps it has something to do with the viewer’s distance from the light and how the viewpoint is lower(in elevation) than the light… i suppose if the viewer were level with the light, the shape might be more symmetrical?

google invading your pavillions :D
Now i’m lookin all over the interwebz for fractals and such to compare.. ( i mean the naturally appearing ones like aurora borealis for example)

Holy crap! Yesterday, I was google mapping the Dallas neighborhood I am planning on moving to next month, and I saw some strange glares and light refractions. I immediately wondered if there were people who collected these things.

Lo and behold, I randomly end up on this (purdy cool) site this evening! How strange!

@ Mike – weird coincidence. I think it’s safe to assume that there are people on the internet who collect everything. Strange glares and light refractions are just the tip of what is surely a very disturbing iceberg.

Glad you enjoy the site! And feel free to send along any google map anomalies you come across!

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