Reconsidering A Museum in San Francisco’s Presidio

[image courtesy 3A Gallery]

Here in San Francisco, there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding GAP founder Don Fisher’s proposal to building a new contemporary art museum in the historic Presidio. The initial proposed building for CAMP was a yawn-inducing glass box designed by Gluckman-Mayner that’s been universally panned in the city and, perhaps even worse, fueled arguments that nothing should be built in the Presidio. In an effort to create a bit of an extended dialogue around the topic, 3A Gallery organized an exhibition that asked ten local architecture firms to propose alternate strategies—including a scheme by yours truly— for building in the historic National Park. Tomorrow night, 11 December at 7 pm, 3A Gallery will host a panel discussion to consider the schemes and potential strategies and methods for building a massive contemporary art museum in a sensitive context.

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