Links Without Buildings – 16 January



  • Above: the most amazingly surreal photo I’ve seen of the Hudson River plane crash. A plane sinks into (or emerges from?) a river in front of a generic skyline when three dozen people suddenly discover they can walk on water. It’s such a curious, modern, almost mythical image – and taken from an iPhone! [via twitter]

  • Vision 2020: Considering the World + the Future Architect is a new online exhibition that “collects prospectives from noted architects, critics, students, leaders and the public to conceive of the future of the built environment, through architecture, and of the future architect.” In text or video, participants can contribute to the prophetic mosaic by answering just three questions: 1) What will be the most significant challenge facing architecture and society in 2020? 2) How will a future “architect” think/operate in 2020? 3) Why are students uniquely positioned to address these issues. Although several familiar names appear—Charles Renfro, Aaron Betsky, and Hani Rashid, among others— absolutely anyone is welcome to contribute and everyone should contribute. Othewise, its just a bunch of architects shouting at each other. “The end hope is to provide a clearer picture of what an architect needs to be, think, act and do to be relevant in the future.” []

  • More progress in New Orleans as the riverfront redevelopment moves forward. The first stage of the project, transforming a Bywater industrial zone into a verdant riverside park, is on schedule to be completed in 2011. []

  • Dockside Residents Will Finally Ride Like The Rest of Us. Finally. [The City Desk]

  • “Subtopian Dreams,” an impressive thesis from Sheffield University student Tom Vigar, looks at the symbiotic relationship between the suburban and military economies and infrastructures. [InfraNet Lab]