Links Without Buildings – 6 February


[The Ant Farm Media Van closing ceremonies, pictured above. More photos available on Flickr].

  • Postopolis! LA – The architecture Blogosphere’s favorite IRL conference moves to LA this year and adds a few new faces to the lineup. This year’s blogger panel includes David Basulto from Plataforma Arquitectura and ArchDaily, Jace Clayton from Mudd Up!, R�gine Debatty from we make money not art, Bryan Finoki from Subtopia, Dan Hill from City of Sound, and Geoff Manaugh from BLDGBLOG. Postopolis! LA will take place from 31 March to 4 April, as part of the Los Angeles Art Weekend.

  • Westworld, Logan’s Run, The Truman Show, and the artificiality of experience inherent in theme parks. [Fantastic Journal]

  • On Mendelsohn’s post-war, post bombing, Einstein Tower: “The form of the Einstein Tower has withstood damage, but it is a form that has become reduced to its constituent lines of force. Strangely, the bomb blast, with its incredible displacement of pressure, earth, and energy, makes the building more legible. But is this because we are filling in the blanks, completing the forms?” A great post (and cited essay by Andew Hershcer) that dovetails perfectly with one of my perpetually unfinished projects. But more on that later…maybe. [A456]

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