Smithsonian Selects Adjaye for New Museum

British architect David Adjaye, in collaboration with The Freelon Group and David Brodie Bond Aedas, has been selected by the Smithsonian to design the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The museum, to be located on the National Mall near the Washington Monument, will be Adjaye’s second in the the United States. His first, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, opened to much acclaim last year. The team beat out shortlisted firms Moshe Safdie, Foster & Partners, Diller Scofido & Renfro, Pei Cobb Freed, and Moody Noland + Antoine Predock. See the shortlisted entries at BD. Continue reading for an interior rendering and project model.



[image via Flickr usr afagen]

4 replies on “Smithsonian Selects Adjaye for New Museum”

could this building be any duller?
looks like racism is still alive and well in the US of A

Typical whiner. What, did you want the ego-tastic Jetson’s airport that Diller, Scofidio and Renfew “designed”? This project has a million constraints on it– surprise! that’s why they call it “design” and not “art”!!!– and this team worked with them in an elegant and even spectacular way. Next time take some time to think before you go all boringly negative.

Sounds like we agree, the building is extraordinarily dull–a very sad outcome.

Architects deal with “constraints” all the time. Since when is that cause for celebration?

News flash: “they” don’t call it “art” or “design,” when it’s good it’s just architecture, no sub-category needed.

Maybe you’re the one who should “take some time to think” (as unfashionable as that may be). Look up ‘ad hominem’ and get back to us.

Meanwhile, anyone out there want to defend the building?

Safdie’s and Diller Scofidios designs were wonderful. Truly beautiful . BUT , in my humble opinion, would never fly in DC which is a bit conservative in its arch. tastes. They also would have been a bit out of step with Mall and the nearby museums. The Adjaye bldg is restrained and graceful but still very elegant and interesting. The interior ceiling and the outdoor punctures in the landscape are lovely . Besides Adjaye never fails us so I would hold out on the “dull” categorization until we see more renderings.

BTW by racism do you mean he got it because he is Black.Have you seen his gorgeous work? Are you kidding? Sounds uh…racist.

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