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[The Yale School of Architecture. Paul Rudolph.]

Things have slowed down here on Life Without Buildings as I’ve been preparing for another major move. I’ve lived in San Francisco for three years now and it has been an absolutely incredible time. The city is impossibly beautiful and the people I’ve been lucky enough to meet are impossibly intelligent and insightful. A lot of opportunities have resulted from living here and I’m grateful to everyone I’ve met during the past three years. So thanks guys.

Next up for me and Life Without Buildings is a six week jaunt in New Orleans, my erstwhile home for seven years. Plans are pretty scarce at this point, but whatever happens, I’m sure there will be a lot of amazing and bizarre things to write about. And if you happen to be in New Orleans this summer, chances are you’ll be able to find me at The Saint. (961 St. Mary St. Bring your friends.) Of course, I’m telling myself there’s also a more academic reason for the trip as I’ll be documenting the city and researching post-Katrina recovery efforts for when my real work begins in September.

As alluded to by the above image, I’m starting at Yale University this fall. Specifically, in the Masters of Environmental Design program. I’m sure that as the date draws near more details on my thesis will emerge on this site as I figure out exactly what the hell I’m doing. Maybe Life Without Buildings will change. Maybe there’ll be a new blog. or some sort of Google Map mash-up. There’ll be something. I just don’t know what it is. But I’m sure as hell looking forward to finding out.

If you’re a new reader, a couple things. 1) hi. I’m Jimmy Stamp. Thanks for reading. 2) Why not take this time to get up to speed with a few of the most popular posts on Life Without Buildings: It’s been my pleasure this year to work with Bruce Tomb and Ant Farm on their Media Van, currently in France for the Nantes Biennale. Learn everything you never needed to know about the violent history and perversion of urbanism that is Gotham City. Still curious about superheroes? A real life Spiderman sheds a new perspective on the scale of skyscrapers. Not to be outdone, Rem Koolhaas has his own ironic spin on the building typology. Interested in science fiction? Discover the connection between Otto Wagner and Han Solo. And what happens to those giant starships when they’re retired? Like something from a Jules Verne novel, the grandson of a not-so-famed inventor built a subterranean telescope from London to New York.

And finally, as for the aforementioned friends in San Francisco, please continue reading for a list of their websites and blogs. The shear talent and creativity that I’ve encountered here is truly humbling.

Curbed San Francisco,

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look forward to your progress moving through New Orleans and then on up to Yale. Congrats on your endeavors and thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on your blog. thinking i found you through antfarm surfing one day. oh, the crazy waves, love it. Love your pov. and can’t wait see what more education brings you and us!

The best of luck to you as you move on!

I had a friend at Tulane show me your blog and we’ve both followed your work closely since. (I was especially excited to learn that you’re an alumni.)

Might I ask what research interests you have at Yale?

best of luck and here’s to more cool and inspiring things. a good time i think, to send gratitude from us for the inspiring and thoughtful expression thus far.
best, matt – ROLU

Welcome back to New Orleans, the city that has always understood life without buildings! You should organize an LWB gathering at The Saint rather than leaving it entirely to chance that the readers of LWB living in the Crescent City will stumble on your blog and then stumble into The Saint. :)

Congrats on the Yale program.

I like this blog and the fact that you write about interesting subjects that are related to architecture .
Good writings that ca inspire and document all kinds of interesting facts !!!

Thanks everyone! New Orleans has been amazing so far. And somewhat responsible for the lack of updates lately. As much fun as its been, I’m looking forward to moving on to New Haven and Yale.

And Jeff, I think if I organized an LWB readup at the Saint it would probably just end up being full of my friends…who would already be there anyway.

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