The Heroics of Scale

A seemingly endless, sprawling labyrinth.
A generic hero – a “super-man,” who lives in a world that no longer needs him.
A world of technological achievement and wonder where man can be everywhere at once.
A crisis of purpose and identity.
A loss of significance in the face of modernity.

Technology. Identity. The humbling power of architecture and the built environment.

Excerpts from a fragmented comic created as a response to a previous post. Quotations taken from The Castle.

&#183 A Little Perspective from Spiderman and Renzo Piano
&#183 On Influence: Batman, Gotham City, and an Overzealous Architecture Historian With a Working Knowledge of Explosives

3 replies on “The Heroics of Scale”

These are haunting (& beautiful) images! The last set of images is especially moving. They reminded me of the gritty and darker qualities of the newest Batman movie. I’m admittedly very uneducated in the world of superheroes and comics, so sorry if that comparison doesn’t fit.

It’s fascinating to watch the characteristics of certain icons change so drastically over time to reflect societies new personality and vices, like Robin Hood from its origins to the Kevin Costner movie.

I’d love to see more images.

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