Mockbee’s Legacy

What will happen to the Rural Studio? That’s the questioned asked in this article from the Christian Science Monitor.

Now that Samuel Mockbee has passed away, there is some concern that his ground-breaking Rural Studio program will begin to fade away. I really don’t think anyone should worry about that. I’ve been lucky enough to spend a weekend in Hale County, Alabama, and I’ve seen first hand the direct impact of the studio on the lives of the people who live there. It is incredible. The Monitor tells the story of a local child who, after moving into a new, much more spacious room, “improved his grades dramatically [with a] a quiet place to study… He got into college, completed a degree, and now wants to be a lawyer.”

This is Mockbee’s Legacy. The lives he changed and the people he helped. Rural Studio is growing every year and will continue to benefit the people of Hale County, and perhaps their ideas and practices will someday spread into new counties and new states.

One of my professors once said that Samuel Mockbee created the first truly original American Architecture. Let us all follow his example. Let us, in his own words, “proceed and be bold.”

Freedom (Tower) isn’t Free

In school, we’d hear stories of things like this happening, but never at this scale. Apparently, Freedom Tower Architect David Childs cribbed his design from Yale University Architecture student Thomas Shine. From “The lawsuit alleged that the Freedom Tower was “strikingly similar” to Shine’s designs for a Manhattan building for the proposed 2012 Olympic Games in New York.

It said Childs saw the designs when he served in December 1999 on a panel of jurists invited by the Yale School of Architecture to evaluate the students’ work.”

ooh…you’re so busted Childs. If you’re going to steal, couldn’t you have stolen a GOOD idea?

kind of and update: i was just talking to someone at work about this, and he wasn’t surprised at all. I didn’t realize this, but apparently SOM (nyc), and Childs, in particular have a reputation for stealing picking up projects from firms that actually earn the commission. *cough* Columbus Circle *cough* so why not steal ideas too?

i’m starting to get jaded by the realities of post-graduate life.

update #2: Archinect does a side by side comparison. Check it out!

Porn follows function

Nothing too original here, I just couldn’t resist that headline. Colorado Architect Doug Eichelberge built a barn and stable for his ranch using magazines, bottles, rocks, and the like. His recylcing quest began with a donation of 80 tons, thats TONS, of donated pornographic magazines. See, because of their laminated pages, porn mags are non-recyclable…BUT, because of those laminated pages, they’re easily, uh…cleaned.

Cear Pelli Builds Rabbit Ears in Japan

This from The National Museum in Osaka, Japan opened today. Designed by architect Cesar Pelli, the museum was built completely underground due to the constraints imposed by the site. The bold form you’re seeing here, then, is essentially an occupiable skylite and roof, designed to give the city a new civic icon. Check out the section – I’m going to venture to say that he’s re-presenting the decorative shed underground, and thats just crazy enough to work.

The musuem has opened with an exhibit from its permanent collection as well as a temporary Duchamp exhibition.