Spacebuster: Currently Inflating All Over New York City


[All images courtesy Doug Johnston. Click for larger version.]

Stuck on the Wes Coast but Intrigued by a press release for Spacebuster, a mobile, inflatable structure designed to “transform public spaces of all kinds into points for community gathering,” Life Without Buildings enlisted the help of Doug Johnston to cover the Manhattan opening of the latest exhibition by Storefront for Art and Architecture. Spacebuster, the work of Berlin-based interdisciplinary group Raumlabor, is essentially a giant bubble that expands from the back of the van. Inflatable architecture at its simplest and most mobile (compared to…oh say, a lunar base). As is the nature of such structures, the shape and form of the translucent inflatable will adjusts to its surroundings, creating a different pavilion-like condition wherever it is parked – from open field to a narrow lot beneath the High Line. Continue reading “Spacebuster: Currently Inflating All Over New York City”

Floater #02, System False, Now Online

floaterThe second issue of the “online architectural production,” Floater, is now online. The theme of the issue, System False, is defined by editor Yannis Arvanitis as “the concept of exception in the critical context of a production mechanism. Systems of performing practice and theory are challenged through the negotiation with the possibility of an error.” Contributors, collaborators and co-conspirators include Atelier Van Lieshout,, alva noto, Miltos Manetas, Harm van den Dorpel, Eleni Axioti, Telemachos Telemachou, Yaron Lapid, and myself. Topics range from sociopolitical dystopias to high-resolution digital ambiance to the “architectural accidents” of Gordon Matta-Clark. And I contributed an interview with Ant Farm accompanied by photos, drawings, and a video, documenting the retroactive discovery and restoration of the Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule). Each article (also available in downloadable pdfs) is complemented with a unique combination of video, imagery, and audio (double click!), that floats over the page, creating a mixed-media publication uniquely suited to the web. At a time when newspapers and magazines have literally stopped the presses and moved to online-only publication, it’s encouraging to see an intelligent journal designed specifically for viewing online that does more than just use the digital medium as a low-overhead forum to publish articles and essays. Check out Floater #02: System False!

&#183 Floater #02: System False
&#183 Ant Farm Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule) Update: LWB Interviews Ant Farm [LWB]

Ant Farm Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule) Update: Life Without Buildings Interviews Ant Farm


[The Ant Farm Media Van v.08 in situ at SFMOMA[

For the past few months, Life Without Buildings has been following the retrofitting of the Ant Farm Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule), on view as part of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art exhibition The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now. Life Without Buildings recently sat down with original Ant Farm Members Chip Lord and Curtis Schreier and San Francisco based architect Bruce Tomb to discuss the Media Van, the Counterculture of the 70’s, modern social networking, and mobile utopias. The full article and interview is now available online as a preview of Floater Magazine Issue 2: System False. Continue reading for an excerpt from that article.

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