Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Homes Now Under Construction

[photo courtesy Wayne Troyer]

A pleasant surprise was waiting in the Life Without Buildings inbox this morning: construction photos of the Make it Right homes in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward. Make it Right is a program established by actor/architectural hobbyist Brad Pitt that has been designed to be a catalyst for redevelopment in the Lower 9 — a neighborhood many people thought would (and should) never be rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina. Make it Right set a goal of building 150 new homes, all of which consider Cradle-to-Cradle sensibilities and employ methods of construction that make the buildings easy to replicate. Each house is built for $150,000 and paid for with donations — many via the project’s website. MIR works with local community organizations to find residents for the slowly emerging neighborhood, and once they’re approved, the new residents select the home they wish to build from a 13 different designs by local, national, and international architecture firm. So to some extent, the neighborhood is shaped by the people who live there. While it’s probably safe to assume that the almost insulting design by MVRDV will never get built, some of the more conventional choices are already well under construction. Continue reading “Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Homes Now Under Construction”

“Whilst acting is my career, architecture is my passion. Selecting this development as my first major construction project has been a simple decision.”

So sayeth Brad Pitt, the most famous architecture aficionado in the world and the man who gives new meaning to the much-maligned term “starchitect.” The development in question is a new 5 star, sustainable “luxury hotel” and “leisure complex” in Dubai. Sounds impressive, although not as much as his spoken use of “whilst.” Pitt will be acting as a “design consultant” in conjunction with GRAFT architects, with whom he previously collaborated for The Pink Project in New Orleans. Plans for the complex will be unveiled in a few months, and the world (by which, of course, I mean tabloid-readers and architects), in the mean time, waits with baited breath.
&#183 Brad Pitt turns architect and designs Dubai hotel [Telegraph]

Celebrity Really Can Get You Anything

For years now I’ve heard of Brad Pitt’s interest in architecture and his friendship with Frank Gehry but I’ve always just dismissed it as a celebrity’s passing fancy. Well, I guess I was wrong. The Guardian reports that the unlikely pair will be collaborating on a restaurant and penthouse in Britain. Besides his interest in design, Pitt has no real architectural qualifications – he studied journalism before breaking into hollywood – but luckily, “he has really good taste.” The dynamic duo are apparently also working on new developments in Los Angeles, with – get this – Pitt actually advising Gehry on cinema, sports hall and restaurant designs. I think Brad Pitt is an amazing actor, and I’ve come to accept Frank Gehry as an important figure in architecture, but part of me finds this whole thing completely despicable…but I also secretly think it’s completely awesome.

Oh yeah….Hayden Christensen wants to be an architect too, but at least he’s going to school for it.

Could this be the start of a massive new cultural role-reversal? Will we see Rem Koolhaas starring opposite Nicole Kidman? Will Jean Nouvel play the new villain in Spiderman 3? Will Zaha Hadid overthrow Julia Roberts as America’s Sweetheart? Only time will tell…