LVHRD Duel: Scotch + Lumberjacks Edition

Once again, Life Without Buildings turns to erstwhile London correspondent, present New York correspondent, and all-around art-world darling, Veronica Kavass, who attended LVHRD’s recent architecture duel — the results of which were announced today.

LVHRD’s motto is “build ghettos out of cheese”. This rather lively organization exists to gather imaginative, stylish NYC geeks — with the generous help of their bibulous sponsor Dewars, of course — under the bright lights and against the backdrop of hot women to promote a competitive camaraderie that borders on the maudlin. One activity LVHRD gets very excited about is the Architecture Duel. Last year’s event, ARCH DL III, involved all female architects, a comedy club, and twenty pounds of cheese. Replacing the literal cheese with the figurative, ARCH DL IV, held on January 28th, took place at the Williamsburg Music Hall and involved a dress code — come furry or come plaid-y. Isn’t that how hipsters always come?

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