How I Met Your Mother and “The Most Awesome Building in The Universe”

[image via ABC]

On How I Met Your Mother, main character Ted Mosby Architect is competing against “Swedish architecture collective” Sven for a Manhattan high rise commission. In a perfect parody of hipper-than-thou über architects, the three architects named Sven made their pitch like we imagine every European architect must — by shouting and gesturing aggressively over a custom techno soundtrack (you better be taking notes Herzog). Their proposal? A building shaped like a T-Rex pierced by a lighting bolt that breaths fire (seriously… somebody better be taking notes). And yes, there is a video after the jump. Continue reading “How I Met Your Mother and “The Most Awesome Building in The Universe””

Ted Mosby, Architect

ted mosby architect
“How I Met Your Mother’s” Ted Mosby, hard at work designing buildings.

Confession: I have a soft spot for 1/2 hour, multi-camera sitcoms – I always have. Since its debut last season, How I Met Your Mother has been one of my favorite shows on televsion. It has incredibly clever writing, realistic scenarios, and amazing music (Pavement, Pixies, The Decemberists) but my one complaint is that the protagonist, Ted, is an architect…who never seems to be at work. Yeah, I know it’s a sitcom and people never work on sitcoms, but this show is better than most, and as a life-long connoisseur of the medium, I’ve come to expect more from it.

Well, last night we not only see him at work – a typical 12 hour workday, he claims – but we also see Ted learn that Architecture is a great profession for (drumroll…) picking up chicks. How he made it too his late 20’s without realizing this is a mystery to me.

Some choice quotes from last night’s edisode:

“Dude, lots of chicks think architects are hot. Think about it, you create something out of nothing. You’re like God. There’s nobody hotter than God.”

“Are you kidding? Architects are hot. How do you think Mr. Brady scored a babe like Carrol?”

Girl: “What made you want to be an architect?”
Ted: “Well you know, soul of an artist, hands of a master craftsman…it was inevitable.”

“You’re like this: ‘Ted Mosby, Architect.’ But I’d be like ‘Ted Mosby, Architect.'”

Oh, and then there’s the unseen skyskraper Ted’s boss designed: a domed tower with 2 spherical pavillions at its base, surrounded by foliage that “if trimmed, might make the building look taller.”