A Swimming Hole on the Hudson

In Beacon, New York, environmental activist and folksinger Pete Seeger and Manhattan architect Meta Brunzema are pooling their efforts (pun fully intended) to construct a “river pool.” The river pool is by no means a new concept, as you can see in the above picture. They were all the rage from the 1880’s to the 1920’s, when Manhattanites could be found frolickng in the rivers all around their tiny island…untill pollution grew to unsafe levels.

As seen in Metropolis Magazine, Brunzema’s scheme consists of a 66-foot-diameter pool with a steel-cable netting floor and sides composed of vertical bars held in place with a steel ring at the bottom. It’s light-weight and collapsible for storage during winter months. After the Beacon Hudson passed an intensive testing of water-quality, Brunzema is beginning to construct her prototype.

Prohibiting any unforeseen problems, it looks like Beacon will have its first river pool next summer. I don’t know how much worse the pollution is in the water around Manhattan, but with all the new river-front proposals beginning to appear, could this be far off?