Over 1,321,453 Served

Fresh off a loss in Arch Duel, New York architects FXFOWLE will have to console themselves with their winning entry for a new bridge in everyone’s favorite future distopia, Dubai. At 1 mile long and 673 ft high, the “multi-modal” bridge will the longest and tallest arch bridge in the world, the 6th crossing across the Dubai Creek (“Creek?” Really?), and the most famous pair of arches since McDonalds went global.

[image via io9]
This may be the World’s longest AND tallest arch bridge, but Life Without Buildings is still partial to the Millau Viaduct –the perfect marriage of elegance and practicality which never quite looks real in photographs.

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LVHRD Duel: Scotch + Lumberjacks Edition

Once again, Life Without Buildings turns to erstwhile London correspondent, present New York correspondent, and all-around art-world darling, Veronica Kavass, who attended LVHRD’s recent architecture duel — the results of which were announced today.

LVHRD’s motto is “build ghettos out of cheese”. This rather lively organization exists to gather imaginative, stylish NYC geeks — with the generous help of their bibulous sponsor Dewars, of course — under the bright lights and against the backdrop of hot women to promote a competitive camaraderie that borders on the maudlin. One activity LVHRD gets very excited about is the Architecture Duel. Last year’s event, ARCH DL III, involved all female architects, a comedy club, and twenty pounds of cheese. Replacing the literal cheese with the figurative, ARCH DL IV, held on January 28th, took place at the Williamsburg Music Hall and involved a dress code — come furry or come plaid-y. Isn’t that how hipsters always come?

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