Life Without The New York Museum of Arts and Design

Life Without Buildings’ New York correspondent and Arts & Letters attaché Veronica Kavass stopped by the recently-renovated Museum of Arts and Design last week and sent over the following report.

[MAD, in repose]

Parting is such sweet sorrow—especially when it concerns the “lollipop building”, the Edward Durell Stone building on New York’s 2 Columbus Circle. The structure housed the Huntington Hartford Art Collection from 1964-2005, during which time many New Yorkers grew to reluctantly love its charmingly windowless, Venetian-meets-modern design.  As an “art person”, I actually don’t know that much about the collection but I do know that A&P heir Hartford married a variety of crazy women — from a cigarette girl he picked up in a Los Angeles club to a Ft. Lauderdale hair stylist who held his secretary hostage and shaved off all her hair. Might it be fair to say that his relationship to these women was similar to the one he had with the “love it or leave it” building?  He spent way too much money on it but always admired its looks and didn’t give a damn what anyone else thought.