Contemporary Polish Architecture Joins New With Old

[image via Wallpaper*]


Hey, did you hear the one about the Polish submarine? Oh, you did? Well then how about the one about the booming polish architectural revolution that’s changing the fabric of the country’s largest cities? The September issue of Wallpaper* includes an overview of this new Polish architecture and the accompanying web gallery presents some stunning work from both big names and relative unknowns. Perhaps because so much of their historic architecture was lost in WWII, many of these new projects respond to existing buildings with reverence and a sometimes even a bit of wit. When viewed together, they seem to indicate the rise of a new, much appreciated, urban dialectic in Poland. Take for example, the New Cultural Centre for Gliwice (above), designed by Medusa Group. A converted brick water tower in this 750 year old town will be expanded into a bisecting intervention that—at least in this rendering—brings to mind Hejduk’s Wall House.