Frank Gehry on the Simpsons, Builds a Concert Hall in Springfield

Frank Gehry was a special guest voice on “The Simpsons.” In the episode, Marge writes Gehry a letter requesting that he design a new concert hall in Springfield (including a special cameo by the Gehry House). He denies her request, crumples up the letter and throws it away. Aha! Inspiration strikes! We see the crumpled paper transform into a model for a new $30 million concert hall! “Frank Gehry you’ve done it again!” The structure is built: a regular, orthagonal, gridded steel sytem? How can this be a Frank Gehry building?!? wait for it…. Cue the wrecking balls, which literally beat the structure into shape! Voila! A finer concert hall has never been built! Unfortunately, it soon becomes a maximum security prison, but you’ll just have to catch the rerun to see why!